Nga poupou (Paparore School's poupou)

Paparore School - Primary

In 2005 the school commissioned a kaiwhakairo to carve the schools poupou. These pou represent part of the history of our area, the place, the people, the kura and some aspects of learning we think are important. In term 1&2 2010, our class topic was, 'Our Place, Our Stories' and we thought that our poupou was an excellent way of sharing this with others.

We have 5 classes and they are represented by parts of a tree: Te Kakano (Year 0-1) which means the seed, Te Putake (Year 2) means the roots, Te Tinana (Year 3&4) is the trunk of the tree. Te Manga (Years 4&5) means the branches of the tree, and finally, Te Kauru (Years 5&6), the crown of the tree.

Our aim is to create a website filled with information about our area, the school and its heritage.