Research process

Learning Experiences: writing and thinking about our turangawaewae

We began by:

Looking at what our favourite place is - our room, Grandma’s house and why is that place important to us.

We thought about what makes a place special?
What places in school do we like best?
We asked members of our family about their special places and shared these with our class.

We walked around the school thinking about different parts of it. How are different areas of our school used by people and nature? What can we see, hear, smell, feel, taste in our environment?

We mapped the school environment.
We compared our maps and discussed which parts of our environment that we felt most strongly about? How did we feel in those places? Why was it special?
Then we began to wonder …
Which qualities and values are important in our environment and which would we want to change?

What can we do?

And then Rudy helped us make some of our ideas come alive!