Up on the wall

An exciting week for us our mural arrived at school. We're really happy to see our mural at school! We watched the mural go up and the next day we had our blessing ceremony.

Jillian: Our school feels so different since the mural is here. The mural's all colourful and when I look everywhere else it's all plain. I feel surprised because it's finally up on the wall! I never thought it would really happen.

TJ: I feel exhilerated to have the mural on the wall. I feel happy and proud when I see myself in the wall.

Chilena: When I look at the mural it looks so colourful and everything else looks black and white. When we learning about turangawaewae we came up with the idea of making a mural. It sounded easy but it's taken ages! Rudy did lots of work for us. I feel really proud and so does everyone else at school.

A reporter from the Kapi-Mana News came to learn about our mural. Read about our mural here (Kapi-Mana News, December 2013).