Working with Rudy

On Friday Isabel, Ruby and I went with Mrs Gibbs to Rudy’s work studio at Whitireia. When I went to the studio I was so excited. When I was there I was painting over the chalk that Rudy drew us with. But first Rudy had to fix my hair up a little bit because my hair was a little bit longer than how he drew it with the chalk. When I first walked in I saw all of the paint. I also saw all the little thin paintbrushes. When it was time to do my painting over the chalk I felt like I could not do it. So first Mrs Gibbs did a little bit for me so I knew how to do it. When I was doing the painting after Mrs Gibbs did a little bit I was feeling really happy.
By Shanaia

We went to Rudy’s studio. I went with Shanaia and Ruby. When I saw the mural it looked cool and it was nearly finished. I painted myself light green. I felt excited. When I painted it looked fantastic.
By Isabel

Last Friday we went to Rudy’s studio. I was so excited but I had to wait for my turn. It was so boring and then I was just about to play a board game when Mrs Gibbs finally came! I went with Mrs Gibbs, Keelan, Ruby and Julius. It was so fun at Rudy’s studio. I saw a smiley face that was on the first window on your left when you go into Rudy’s studio. We were wondering why the boys before us had picked yellow and then Julius said “it’s because yellow is the colour of Goku”. We picked our colours. I chose dark green, Keelan had light green, and Julius had yellow. Rudy changed my hair and it looked cool. Keelan’s hips got changed. We painted around the outside of our bodies. We took photos and I didn’t know what pose I was going to do. I did the same pose as Keelan on the right and I went on the left. It was so cool painting the mural.
By Chilena

On windy Friday I went to paint the amazing mural. We went to Whitireia to paint the fantastic mural of all of us. I went with Maylani, Tofi, Ruby and the wonderful Mrs Gibbs. When I saw the mural I thought it looking amazing, cool and beautiful. I loved painting the outside of me and I love the mural.
By Jillian

When I went to Rudy’s studio I went with Mrs Gibbs, Ruby, Jillian and Maylani. I saw the mural when I walked in the door. It was cool and it felt fun. I felt like I was in a disco when I saw everyone dancing on the mural. It was fun at Rudy’s studio.
By Tofi

On Friday I went to Rudy’s studio. I went with Jillian, Tofi, Ruby and Mrs Gibbs. I saw our big huge mural and a skeleton and a statue there. I painted around my body. I felt like I was in a dream because I was so happy.
By Maylani

I went with Prestigious and Mrs Gibbs to Rudy’s studio. I saw Rudy’s painting board when we went in. We painted the outside of ourselves red. When I was painting I worked really hard and my hand felt sore. I feel like it was fun and I feel proud of myself.
By Aria

I went with Aria to Rudy’s workshop at Whitireia. When we got there I had to be a model for Rudy so he could draw the details of what my hair looks like. Then Aria had to be a model for Rudy too. We chose our colours. I chose dark red and dark purple, and Aria chose dark red and light yellow. We painted our outlines in red. I had my hair blowing out and Arias hair was tied up. I felt nervous about painting but it was fun. We said thank you and gave Rudy a hug and then we left.
By Prestigious

On Friday we went to Whitireia to Rudy’s studio. We had to fix little things before we painted. We had to listen so we knew what to do because we might make mistakes and the paint is permanent. Tewhetu and I wore an apron. When I was painting the mural I felt so happy because this is my first time painting a real mural and putting it on the school wall.
By Miracle

When I went to Rudy’s studio on Friday I was painting myself on the mural. Rudy told me to choose a colour and I chose yellow paint. It felt cool painting myself.
By Julius

I went to Rudy’s studio. I went with Unity, Joseph and Ruby. I saw a skeleton there and other art. I did the outside colour of me. I felt great. I had a fantastic time.
By Anita

When I went to Rudy’s studio it was exhilarating. I had fun doing painting. My colour was dark green. I painted around myself.

On Friday Julius, Chilena and I were painting our mural with Rudy. My colour was light green. Julius’s colour was yellow. We went to Rudy’s studio. I felt exhilarated and excited.
By Keelan