Historical treasures of Millers Flat

Millers Flat School - Primary

Over the year, Millers Flat School has been researching our heritage. Our aim is to create a database filled with our historical treasures around our district. We want to provide information about our much loved icons. We want to share our knowledge about it and also encourage others to respect and preserve our heritage like we do. We wish to extend our abilities on the internet by using the latest technology.

By using this site, we wish to extend our knowledge, as well as informing others on facts and history of our artefacts, by letting others know the past about well known icons today. We want to provide a well informed area to enlighten others on their uses way back when, and what is happening now.

We want to dedicate this site to our commmunities well known artefacts, because they are a part of our heritage and our history. We want to share the knowledge we have and learn new things we didn't know by answering the questions that are most valid.

Written by Ruby. P