Research process

Research process:

For our research process, some of us went on a field trip around our community. The people chosen went to the Lonely Graves first and took photos and read the information given about the site. Next we went under the bridge to inspect it and took a few photos. Then we went to our local Four Square (AKA Faigans) with a great history behind it. Later we went to the remains of the Teviot Woolshed and took some photos. Later on in the month, the others went and talked to Mrs Adams at the bakery. Mrs Adams is a resident of the township and has great knowledge about the history of Millers Flat. She told us a lot of what we know about most icons. Other than the field trips we went on, all our work was found out from previous knowledge or the help of the following books listed below.

1. Millers Flat School (the centennial book)

2. Teviot Tapestry.

3. Tales of the Woolshed.

As well, we researched on the internet and went to the information centre.



Written By Ruby. P