Room 1 - Topic

Lately Room 1 has been working on a lot of local history around Millers Flat including the Millers Flat bridge and the Lonely Graves. They have been working on tiles with Mrs Jory helping them to paint.

I decided to interveiw a couple of children from Room 1 to ask a few questions.


Q1: What did you enjoy about making your tile?

A1: Painting is one of my favourite subjects so definitely the painting!!

Q2: What have you learned from making your tile?

A2: That it was burned down.


Q1: What have you learned from it?

A1: It was built in 1899.

Q2: What did you enjoy about it.

A2: Learning about the history side of things.

Q3: If you could do it again what would you do differently?

A3: Try a different thing.

By Deanna