Manu Samoa history

Samoa was formerly member of the Pacific Islands Rugby Alliance, along with Fiji and Tonga. They were ranked 10th in the world, then the Samoans made up their own team. They are called the Manu Samoa, in honour of a famous Samoan warrior. Since 1924 to 1997 they competed as Western Samoa. They do a Siva Tau before each game, which is like a haka.

The Manu Samoa’s first ever international game was against Fiji on August 1924. Samoa has been to every Rugby World Cup since the 1991 Tournament. In the 1991 tournament, the Manu Samoa made the quarter finals. Their biggest win was against Papua New Guinea in 2009, Samoa 115 Papua 7. Their biggest defeat was against New Zealand in 2008, New Zealand 101 Samoa 14.

Lately Samoa has been up against big teams to get ready for the Rugby World Cup in New Zealand. For example not a few weeks ago, Samoa went up against the mighty Wallabies and we demolished them. Another big team our Manu Samoa team played against was the Western Force of Australia. The hard hitting Manu Samoa team came back with a wonderful, amazing come back in the second half of the game to dismantle the Western Force.

One of Samoa’s favourite star rugby players is Alesana Tuilagi, the right winger of the Manu Samoa team. Our school enjoyed hosting the Manu Samoa team when they returned after their historic win over the Wallabies.

Finally we would like to say that Samoa Primary School is a great supporter of the Manu Samoa Rugby team.


Written by: Max and Joachim