Shorland Park - What a silly name!

We had no idea why our park in Island Bay was called Shorland Park.

We asked our Mums and Dads if they knew why and lots of them thought that it was because we were so close to the seashore.

We thought that was a good idea, but not the best because we think that it should have been called "Island Bay Park" because that's where it is. Just like Brooklyn Park and Houghton Valley Park.

Mrs Z, our teacher spent ages on the computer trying to find out why it was called that and she finally found it.

I like to play on the swing with my friends. Safia

It was named after a man called John Shorland who used to be on the Wellington City Council.

He lived in Derwent Street (that's where Alex lives) and his children went to Island Bay School, just like us. John was also the Chairman of the Island Bay School Committee.

When John retired and stopped working, he helped build some of the playground equipment at the park and when he died they decided to name the park after him. Pretty cool isn't it.


I like to play on the big slide at the park. Robin