The Band Rotunda

We all love going to the park and playing in the Band Rotunda.

Our Mums and Dads told us that it was called a Band Rotunda and in the olden days and even now, people had concerts in the park and bands would stand inside the Rotunda and play music to the people sitting outside.

But we found out that it is really a war memorial to remember all of the men who died in World War I and II. There are lots of names written around the sides of it.

We also found out that it was built in 1930 and there was no park back then, just a field around it.

And do you know what else we found out. . . .

That the Bell Tower at our school is another War Memorial that was built to remember all of the soldiers who went to Island Bay School that died in the wars too.

We didn't really know what it was when we started school.

Some of us thought that it was a well, with water in it.

Others thought it was there just to look pretty but now we know.




And on Anzac Day, people come to Island Bay School to remember the soldiers and they are allowed to ring the bell.

But we aren't.