Ahuaiti Rahiri's wife

When we arrived at Kaka Porowini on the fourth of March, I looked straight at Taipiri Munroe as if he was like an statue. Once Whaea Glo told us what Taipiri means. Tai means the tide, when it comes in and out. Piri means close to the tide. There was only three fingers on the statue of Rahiri. Rahiri, Ranginui and Papatuanuku. When we were outside Taipiri was talking to us about the outside. Whaea Glo told us a story about Rahiri when he found himself a wonderful wife Ahuaiti. Rahiri welcomed his wife to his wooden house. When Rahiri left the door open to do something, her brothers came to see her. Then after they were talking, she made her brothers-in-law a cake with her special ingredients. Rahiri came and saw her feeding them. Rahiri told her to leave and never to come back. So then she was pregnant without him knowing. Then she went back to Opononi. By Mereana

Rahiri was a chief who travelled New Zealand and killed the most people. One day he met a woman named Ahuiti. Ahuiti soon fell pregnant so they returned to Rahiri's tribe. Rahiri had to go and fight more tribes and so Ahuiti was left at the pa. When Rahiri was gone Ahuiti invited her brothers back to her whare. When he wasn't there Ahuiti fed her brothers special root food. When Rahiri returned home he was angry and kicked Ahuiti out. A few months later Ahuiti had Uenuku. After a while Rahiri found a beautiful woman from his tribe called Whakaruru, she also soon fell pregnant with Kaharau. A few years later when Kaharau was older Rahiri went somewhere. Uenuku came to find his father and learn some fighting moves. Kaharau was inside the house when Uenuku entered. They soon began fighting. Rahiri came home and saw them fighting. He stopped them and decided to build a kite flew to separate Uenuku's side of Rahiri's land and Kaharau's side. The woman then began weaving the ends of the kite while the men built the kite. It was massive. The first flight did not work but the second separated them forever. But all Ngapuhi were together and one big family. If Kaharau's side is in danger or needs urgent help Uenuku's side will be there and visa versa. By Payton.