Maui and the sun

One day a man called Maui noticed something very odd in the sky. He noticed that days were getting shorter because the sun was going too fast across the sky. Maui and his village hardly had any time to do anything. So he had to do something to stop the sun from speeding across the sky.
He headed off to tell his brothers what was going on. Maui and his brothers figured out a plan so they could make the sun go slowly across the sky. So Maui and his brothers gathered flax and started to weave them together to make flax ropes. Their plan was to hide from the sun until it wakes up and starts to rise. Then they would capture it and make is go slower across the sky.
Soon when they had finished weaving the flax ropes they hid from the sun. A few minutes later the sun started to rise. Then Maui yelled..... “NOW!!” His brothers threw the flax ropes at the sun. Finally the sun was captured. They pulled the ropes harder. Then Maui yelled “stop going too fast across the sky!”
The sun cried with pain “OK!” Maui’s brothers let go of the ropes. From that day on days began to get longer. By Lauriel