A very big thank you to Kate Robinson who put all our work on to the website. The effort and time she gave to this project is really appreciated by all the students and teachers of the Kowhai Syndicate. Without her help our project would not be completed.

Thanks to the librarians at the Mt Roskill Library. When we visited they shared resources and knowledge with us.

Thanks to Mr Fuller a local historian who visited Rooms 6 and 7. He was able to answer our questions regarding both the Three Kings and our school.

Thanks to Tony Carpenter from Winstone Quarry. He loaned us photographs of the quarry and the surrounding area. We could see how the size of the quarry had changed through the years.

Finally, thanks to Mrs Willmoth, our Principal, who shared documents and photos of the school. She passed on her knowlege of the school pool and buildings.

We have researched our facts and believe our information is accurate.

If you would like to read more about our school you can look at our website -