The Three Kings Community by Room 7

The Three Kings Community by Room 7


We thought of jobs people did in our community and then we thought about the buildings and places where people worked.






We visited our local community library - Mt Roskill Library. The librarians told us a lot about the Three Kings area. When we got back to school we had lots of "I wonder ..." questions.


























Mr Fuller came to talk to us because he used to go to our school. He knows a lot about our school and our community.







We walked up Big King to find out more about our important mountain in our community. When we got back from our walk we wrote down what we had learned.






We went into groups to find the answers to some of our "I wonder ..." questions. We searched on the internet and in books and we got information from Mr Fuller and Mrs Willmoth, our Principal. We emailed the manager at the Three Kings Quarry when we needed answers to some of our questions.
























After getting information we presented our work on big pieces of paper and then we stuck photos and pictures on our research paper.
































We enjoyed finding out about our school and our Three Kings Community.