The Three Kings School Pool by Room 8

This is our school

We have been studying about the history of the Three Kings community and Three Kings School. We chose to do a special study about the history of our swimming pool.












We brainstormed ideas of what makes our Three Kings community and our Three Kings School community unique.





We went to have a look at the swimming pool.






This is what it looks like today.






We asked questions to find information about the pool. We asked about its history.









Mrs Willmoth came into our classroom to tell us information about the pool.






This is what the first Three Kings pool looked like. It was cold and it had no roof on it.










We decided to pretend to be gardeners like the children in the olden days did. They had gardening lessons at the garden next to the swimming pool.






This is a photo of the new swimming pool being built. It had a roof on it. It was tepid or warm. It was built in 1963.











This is the Ross Millar Swim School. Children have swimming lessons here today.