Term Four 2013

This term we have managed to plant one hundred and fifty plants on Shelly Warwick’s property. The Keep Ōtaki Beautiful group donated fifty plants. Mr Ballentyne, an ex-principal of Waitohu School and a member of Keep Ōtaki Beautiful came to help us with the planting.

We had great fun having a celebration of all our hard work and achievements by having a barbeque at Whaea Rob’s place (our teacher).
Soon we are going to water and mulch all of the trees and plants that have been planted. We will also test the stream in two different places. We will bring these results back to school and analyze them.

Kees's dad Martyn and Kees, Cody, Hayley and Matt have started to build a website called Waitohu Wet Rock You can follow our Waitohu Wet Rock story over the next years from this website.

Read more about our project in the Ōtaki Mail - 31 October 2013 Wet Rock Group potted and planted down at the beach.