Term Two 2013

Nikki returned the logo designs and most of the class used one of each of the designs we had created and we cut our own designs. Then Nikki returned three awesome logo designs and all we needed to do was choose one of the designs.

Our class kept on writing to people asking them to help us. We already had a landowner keen on planting. We were hopefully planning on having a meeting with Mr Rob Cross (the Biodiversity scientist for Kāpiti Coast District Council) and the landowners about planting and fencing if needed. Elias and Hunter emailed Mr Rob Cross about a meeting with him and the landowners.

We suggested that we have a sausage sizzle to raise money to help pay for the plants and fencing. On 8 June 2013 Shane Hagai (Ōtaki New World) wrote to us to tell us that he was dropping off a $60 New World voucher to buy materials for the sausage sizzle fundraiser. Hayley wrote to Margaret Andrews (Ōtaki Mail reporter) to invite her to join us. Margaret Andrews came to interview a few people for the Ōtaki Mail. We found it hard to find a time when everyone was available. Fingers crossed we would meet the two land owners on Friday 2 August.

Read more about our project in the Ōtaki Mail article 26 June 2013 Wet and Muddy Arbour Day