Term Three 2013

Seeking agreement from landowners to plant on their properties

Karen and Hamaika and Hayley’s mum Rachel went and knocked on a couple of people’s doors that have part of our Waitohu Stream running through their properties with Hayley’s mum Rachel. They visited Nikki Lundie’s house and Christine Thompson’s house to have a meeting with them about planting on their property. Next they went to see Shelly Warwick’s stream side property. Shelly and Michael said that we could plant on their property.

We arranged a meeting with the landowners and Mr Rob Cross. During these meetings Mr Rob Cross told us that the landowners had to sign a “Memorandum of Understanding” to be able to plant at people’s houses with the council. This was a big surprise!

Find out more about our project in this Ōtaki Mail article - 31 July 2013 Waitohu children adopt the stream.