Avondale Primary School


A few words about "Us"

Welcome to our brand new web site called "Us". We think Avondale is a great place to live so we wanted to tell you all about it. It has some great shops and a fantastic school which is the best school in the World. We even have a race course right by our school too so we can see the horses in the mornings.

We learned all about Avondale from going on visits, listening to special visitors and going out into the community. Each class learned about different things and we learned so much we wanted to share it with everyone.

We learned about where we came from, what Avondale was like when our mums and dads came here, things to see and do, all about the Avondale Spider which is our school logo and even what it's like here at Avondale Primary School.

Even if you're in another city or country, we hope you enjoy learning all about Avondale and what makes it so special, maybe you would like to come and live here too!

Race horse.

Avondale School.

The view from our school!