Avondale Primary School


Our Local Heroes: A Place to be Proud...

R. S. A.


Returned Servicemen Association.

They shall grow old
As we that are left grow old.
Age shall not weary them,
Nor the years condemn,
At the going down of the Sun
And in the Morning
We Will Remember Them


Our project was to find out information about the Avondale R.S.A.

The Naming Wall.

In our classroom we read and discussed books about Avondale. We found that our local R.S.A. had an abundance of factual information that we could not find in books.


We decided to visit the R.S.A. and children had generated many questions which were answered. They also found new information that came about when asking their questions.

Room 8 Visits the R.S.A.

Here is a Recount by Celeste

Room 8 Visits the R.S.A.

On Monday Room 8 went to the R.S.A.

Mr.Todd told Room 8 about the flag. At whole mast everything is alright. At half mast it means someone has died.


Mr Todd showed Room 8 the red light. It means that they remember the people that died. He also showed Room 8 the library.

RSA library.

The children went to sit on the chairs and asked Mr.Todd lots of interesting questions. Then Room 8 went to the dining room and had lunch and something to drink.

Room 8 sang songs. They had lots of fun together. When it was time to go, they walked back to school.

Our host Mr Todd

Questions and Answers
  • I want to know why do they fight other countries?

    To protect us from the enemy so that children can go to school.

  • Who looks after people that are hurt?

    Soldiers look after each other. Doctors,N.Z.Army people and nurses are trained to look after the wounded.


  • Why do men join the R.S.A. after they fight in the war?

    Men and women like to get together to talk about things that have happened and remember the people that did not come back.

  • Why do we join in the war?

    Sometimes our friends need help to protect their country.

  • Why do they fight together?

    Sometimes New Zealand and Australia fight together because they have a pact called ANZAC and celebrate ANZAC Day together.

  • What did you do in the war?

    Mr.Todd told us that he was a signal man. He connected phone lines while people were shooting and bombing each other.

Children next to a Propeller.

Other things that we found out

  • The R.S.A. was first opened in 1944.

    Old RSA.
    This photo shows what the RSA looked like before it changed

  • The new part was offically opened on October 1983.
  • The lights go out every Friday and Saturday night at 9 pm and everyone says the ODE.
  • The people from our community give books to the R.S.A. Library.
  • Our school also raises the N.Z. flag every day, because we are proud of our country.
  • We found out that some of our families have their names on the wall at the R.S.A.
  • Mr.Todd told us that families are welcome to come to the R.S.A. every Wednesday night for dinner and other activities.