Avondale Primary School


New Beginnings through a 5 year old's eyes.

When we are 5 we come to school, we like to read and to write but best of all we like to take photos. Guess what? We took all the photos on this page. Aren't we clever?

We went all around our school and counted how many teachers, and other adults there are working at Avondale Primary who care of us. Guess what? There are hundreds of people who like us. You have to remember we are still learning to count.

In the 'Big School' there are six teachers. We took this photo of one of the teachers who we really like because she is kind to us. She teaches some Year 5 and 6 children.

S. Barber.

In 'Our School' there are eight teachers and this is a picture of one of our kind teachers. She teaches some Year3 children.

R. Aldridge.

At the office we go to see Mrs Cullum. She helps us when we come to school and gives us a book bag when we are new.

Mrs Cullum.

Here is our Principal. She likes spiders and she likes us. We show her our writing and she thinks we are clever so she gives us a special gold sticker.

Cathie photo.

In the playground there is a park for us. We share the flying fox and the slide.


The big children have a park but we are not allowed to play there because it is too big for us.


This is the hall at our school. We go here with everyone on Monday morning to see the good children and to hear the news of the week. On Friday mornings we go and have Sharing Time with all the Junior School. We show our work and sing songs. When it is our birthday everyone sings us Happy Birthday in English and in Maori.


We have a library with books that are good to read. We can go and read here at lunchtime and when our teacher takes us.


Some of the classroms have pretty pictures on the walls outside that the children painted. We took a photo of these pictures because we think they are the best.

Outside room 7.

So when you are passing by
give us a wave
because we think we have
the best school in
the world!