Avondale Primary School

Avondale: Where we came from, where we are now , and where we are going

Our homepage

Welcome to our brand new and exciting web site. We made this to teach other people about our community of Avondale in the past and what it's like now. Each class has researched about a different aspect of our community, based on the big idea of valuing Avondale's different cultures, experiences, traditions, histories, and languages.

We have learned so much from the study including how to reasearch information, how to make a web page, what the past was like and how much it's changed and about different cultures that live here today.

We think there are many things that make Avondale special: The community is friendly, we have the coolest logo (the Avondale Spider!), there are amazing views over the race course, you can shop in lots of different shops, we have a great history, there are many different things to do, we're very close to the Waitakere Ranges and the school is the best with lots of kind teachers, sports gear and computers.

Avondale: A great place to live. Come and see the great views, great school, great community and great people!

Our amazing view.
The shops.