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The Mysteries of Woodridge Farm

Seton Nossiter Park

What is Seton Nossiter Park?

It is the name for the area that used to be called Belmont Gully and it occupies 30 hectares of land which is now a protected natural reserve. The park's new name was recommended by the Council's Reserves Committee. It's development is part of the Northern Reserves Management Plan.

Seton Nossiter Park photo.

Where is Seton Nossiter Park?

It is nestled in the steep gullies between the suburbs of Grenada Village, Horokiwi, Woodridge, Newlands and Paparangi. The main entrance is from Mark Avenue, Grenada Village.

Photo of a Wellington suburb.

What is the Council planning for the park?

The Wellington City Council is trying to encourage the development of the park by creating walkways and footpaths so the public have more activities to do there. They are making reserves so that existing plants can grow more.

Photo of park.

Part of the park is scrub but they are trying to encourage the growth of such native trees as titoki, tawa, pukatea, hinau, kaiko-mako, mahoe and rewarewa.

The following picture shows the Flood Detention Area near the main entrance.

Photo of a small Dam.

By Arush and Daniel