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Campbells Bay School during the war

Campbells Bay during the War

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Kennedy Park - the Army Base

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Campbell's Bay Primary School

World War Two at our School

Campbells Bay School during the war

There are many stories to be told about our school during the war.  We only had a few months to do our research, so we were only able to capture a few.  We hope you enjoy reading about them.  You can read the individual interviews by clicking on the people's names on the Our Project page.  Here are some of our photos.

Mr Wilcox: Mr Wilcox was the Headmaster at the start of the war

Mr Wilcox was the Headmaster from 1936 to 1943.

Full School: <P>Campbells Bay School pupils.</P>

The entire school lines up for photos

Shelters: Air raid shelters being dug at Campbells Bay School - early 1940's.

The fathers helped dig the shelters

Digging Shelters: The fathers helped dig the school air raid shelters.

The shelters were down the back of the school

Form 2 in 1943: Senior pupils - an Intermediate school was later opened in Murrays Bay and Form 1 and 2 children went there.

Our school went up to Form 2 in 1943

Lovegrove visit: Lovegrove and another soldier visit Campbells Bay School with badges and flags.


In 1994 a soldier called Lovegrove came to visit our school - we have not got much information about him.  He brought a huge Nazi flag and souvenir badges and we presume he told the children all about fighting the German soldiers.

Girl and Flag: A small girl stands in front of the Nazi flag

This is a picture of a small girl standing in front of the Nazi flag during Lovegrove's visit to Campbells Bay School

Children with Lovegrove: All the pupils heard the solidiers speech - 1944

More Campbell's Bay children listening to the soldiers - 1944.

Cricket Team: The 1942 cricket team - games continued through the War

The 1942 boys cricket team - games continued at Campbell's Bay.

Magazine: The school produced a magazine with work by the children and advertisements from local businesses - 1939.

Our school produced a magazine in 1939 which had stories written by the children, and advertisements for local businesses like the taxi company, and wood and coal merchants.

50th Jubilee:  

In 1975 our school had a 50th birthday party.  It has nothing to do with the war, but we thought people might like to see it, because it is from the olden days.  If you want to know more about the history of our school you can look at our other website - www.campbellsbay.school.nz

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