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Brief History of World War 2

Campbells Bay School during the war

Campbells Bay during the War

Mrs Robin Hayson

Mr Ted Davis

Mr George Carstairs

Mr Ron Hooton

Mrs Skelton and Mrs Ogle

Kennedy Park - the Army Base

Pictures from Auckland areas

Mrs Buchanan

Interview with Mr & Mrs Harold Bennett

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Our Team

Research Process


Campbell's Bay Primary School

World War Two at our School

Our Team

Our research team is a group of Year 6 pupils.  We are in our last year at Campbells Bay School.  Next year we will go to intermediate school.

Research Group:

Our team is Thornton, Marco, Tom, Michael, Connor, Chris, James and Josh.

Nuts:   We had fun on our trip

We were helped with this project by our school librarian, Mrs Purchase. 

We all had different things to research and we all sat in on the interviews, but took turns to write them up.  We all went on the trip to see the observation post, gun emplacements, tunnels and pillboxes.


Outside the radio headquarters at Castor Bay.  Mr Carstairs showed us inside his old house.  It has all been renovated by the North Shore Council and is available for hire to community groups now.  We think it would be really good to have a display of photos of the war here that people could come and see and everyone we know would love to go in the tunnels, but they are locked up.

If anyone reading this project has photos of the war, they could donate them to their local library or the Alexander Turnball Library.  If anyone has old photos of Campbells Bay School and the area, please consider donating them or copies to the school for the archives.

Betty and boys: Betty Buchanan with Connor and Marco

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