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Campbells Bay School during the war

Campbells Bay during the War

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Campbell's Bay Primary School

World War Two at our School

Campbells Bay during the War

Tank Obstacle 15-10: <P>Photo from Alexander Turnball Library PACol -4161-20-15-10</P>  <P>1942-1943 Tank obstacle constructed during manourveres at Campbells Bay</P> 

Tank obstacle at Campbell's Bay - where Huntly Rd is now.

Manoeuvres: Campbell's Bay manoeuvres.  Picture from Alexander Turnball Library PAColl-4161-20-16-06 

 Another picture from the Alexander Turnbull Library War History collection of soldiers at Campbell's Bay between 1939 - 1945.

Exercises: <P>War History Collection Alexander Turnbull Library</P>  <P>PAColl-4161-20-15-02</P>  <P>Exercises and manoeuvres at Campbells Bay 1939 - 1945</P> 

Barbed wire on the beach at Campbell's Bay, and soldiers lining up behind the pillbox.

Restricted area: <P>War History Collection Alexander Turnball Library. PAColl-4161-20-16-09</P>  <P>Soldiers manning a restricted area, the road down to Campbells Bay Beach.</P>  Huntly Rd:

Huntly Rd then and now. 

The road leading down to the beach - the soldiers thought the Japanese might land here with tanks.

Barricade: <P>War History Collection Alexander Turnball Library</P>  <P>PAColl-4161-20-16-19</P>  <P>A barricade made out of a huge tree.  This was raised and lowered and was to stop Japanese tanks coming up from the beach.</P>

The tank barrier could go up and down.  It was made from a local tree.  Even the farmers fence wire was taken for defences.

Obstacle: <P>War History Collection Alexander Turnball Library PAColl-4161-20-16-23</P>  <P> </P>  <P>Tank obstacle created at Campbells Bay</P>

Not many houses were in Campbell's Bay during this time because it was before the Harbour Bridge was built. 


There are still lots of holes like these, where the posts were dug in to hold the barbed wire.


We went to see this part of the beach.  This is where Mr Buttles house is and we climbed in his pillboxes.  We saw where the posts for the barbed wire were pounded into the rocks, the holes are still there.


Campbell's Bay Beach in 2003

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