Mahana School

The Mahana Whakapapa

Curriculum Links

Mahana Whakapapa is a project about our history. We looked at it in our families through Games our Grandparents Played, and in our school through Happy Birthday Mahana School, and in events that affected people in New Zealand, including Maori and settlers in our area. We hope you will find our work interesting. We learned a lot about our families, our school and our region's and country's history.

Essential learning areas/strands
Social Studies:
Culture and heritage
Level 2. How people interacted distant in time
Time, continuity and change
Level 1. Ways in which time and change affect people. Changes in games over time.
Level 2. How the past has impacted on our own community.
Level 3. How actions and ideas of people in the past change the lives of others. How the past is recorded and remembered in different ways.
Level 4. Causes and effects of events that have changed the lives of a group of people. How and why people experience events in different ways.

Essential skills: Information, communication, self management and competition, social cooperation, work and study

Links with other curriculum areas
The Arts
Health and Phys Ed

Class Perspectives: Multicultural, Gender, Future, Inclusive

Settings: New Zealand, Global