Macraes Timeline.
1862 is when the first piece of gold was found at Macraes. This original hut is made from mud and stone. Five or six miners used to live in this hut. Panning, cradling and sluicing were the first ways people prospected for gold.
This is an olden day rock crusher that was an easier way to crush rock and get gold.

Macraes Mine was opened in 1990

  • The process of getting gold involves…

  • Drilling a hole in the ground and taking a rock sample to see if there is any gold in that area
  • The cylinder of rock gets analysed to see if there is any gold in that area.
  • If there is gold they mark out the area.
  • Then holes are drilled in the ground and bombs and explosives put in the holes.
  • Next the rock is blown up.
  • Then the exploded rock is loaded onto trucks and taken to the processing plant.