Centennial Drive

Centennial Drive was first established in 1939-1940 when trees were planted along a town reserve which had been established earlier in 1904. The trees were planted to mark the centennial of New Zealand and this is where the naming of the drive comes from.
The Drive is also a drive of remembrance and there are many plants and objects that are used to remember local soldiers who died at war.

By Bedford Park there is one of the two main entrances. At this entrance there is a feature pond which has a gigantic rock in the middle of it. The plaque on the rock reads:

Matamata Centennial Drive 1840-1940
This drive commemorates with gratitude the early missionaries, members of the friendly Ngati-Haua and the pioneer men and women of Matamata plains to whose faith, vision, initiative and labour we owe the prosperity of our town and district.

The Centennial Drive is made up of a number of different sections which are split by streets. The drive in many parts is backed on to by a number of houses which enjoy the beautiful scenery of mature trees and well tended gardens. Each section contains a range of native trees and plants such as Kauri, Rimu, Tōtara, Miro and many more. The whole entire drive is a bit of a fernery in itself. It also includes beautiful paving, stone/wooden seats, and an amazing fernery. The fernery is divided into two main parts the native section and the other, a fernery walk. In the fernery there are native trees, ferns and other plants indigenous to New Zealand.