Ōkauia thermal/ Opal Hot Springs

Ōkauia thermal pools is located on Ōkauia Spring Road, 6km from Matamata. The thermal pools were first discovered by J.C. Firth on his land in 1886. He sold the land (which was under his wife's name, Anne) in 1900 and till 1975 the land was owned by W. J. Aitken. The first manager of Ōkauia thermal pools was Captain Henry Tizard who also built the first three concrete pools and created the camping grounds.
Around the 1920s, Ōkauia thermal pools became very popular, with hundreds of people gathering from all around to visit, camp and soak in the pools.
One of the private pools, Ramaroa, according to Māori legend, got it’s name after the canoe that carried a Māori chief and his wife along the Waihou River. Legend has it that the two had been warned to be through the Ōkauia area before dusk or risk being turned to stone but when the chief became cold along the way they decided to stop. The Māori chief ordered his wife to light a fire for warmth. Dusk came and sure enough they were petrified. The pool, so it is said, gets its heat from the ever burning fire beneath the petrified bow of the canoe, Ramaroa.
In 2000, Ōkauia thermal was officially known as Opal Hot springs.

Today Opal Hot Springs Holiday Park includes standard camping grounds, a barbecue and a picnic area, childrens' play area and sandpit, two relaxing hot pools, one large cool pool and a private pool for booking. These pools are open for public with simple costs for different ages and includes family deals. Accommodation for cabins is easy to book for with contact on the Opal Hot Springs website and phone number. Opal Hot Springs is still known as a great location and venue for many occasions for example parties, a relaxing getaway, a family day out and much more.