Boxing Day

We have all heard about Boxing Day. We know that it comes ater Christmas Day. Some of us thought
it was a day when people used to do boxing in a boxing ring or maybe in the garden.
We did some research together and discovered … there are several possible answers!

Here are some reasons why it is called Boxing Day:

  • Only a few countries have Boxing Day. Originally, it came from England and they used to call the gifts that were wrapped up to give away a ‘Christmas Box’.
  • The day after Christmas was the day that servant people got a day off from work to be with their family. They were given a box of food.
  • It was a day when money was collected in churches and giving to poor people.

Things we do on Boxing Day because in New Zealand lots of people are not working or choose to take a day’s leave:

  • Play with our new Christmas presents.
  • Go out places with our family like to the beach or the park.
  • Go shopping because lots of shops have sales on Boxing Day.

Evening Post Plioio. BOXING DAY AT DAY'S BAY.—A*corner of,the,beach?at-Day's Bay yesterday-afternoon, when this popular-holiday resort was.well , . patronised by visitors. ■ .' . . (Evening Post, 27 December 1935). Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand.