Tuna Town

Tuna Town is a little swimming hole in Moerewa. It’s an adventurous place where my friends and I play clay fights and race to the little island that is there. We jump off the banks and trees into the water.

I think that Tuna Town is really special because my whole family knows about it and all my friends go there with me. It was here long before Moerewa town was built. Interesting things have happened there such as finding special taonga while exploring the forest and finding a dead sheep in the water.

The story goes that before Moerewa was established two cab drivers use to always drive back and forth from Moerewa to Kawakawa. The cab drivers would always stop at an old hut near where tuna town is and they would always see big tuna hanging from the eel line like clothes hanging from a clothes line. This shows how many tuna use to swim in our rivers. When they saw all the tuna hanging there they thought to name it Tuna Town and the name has remained ever since.

The only thing that could make Tuna Town even more special is if we could swim and feel safe knowing that the water is clean. I hope that in the future Tuna Town can be still around for other generations to enjoy.

Written by Tyra-Lee - Year 7
Illustration by Exodyss - Year 5 and Rymadyss - Year 1