Research and inquiry process

We started our research and inquiry process into The Story of Milk in New Zealand Schools by surveying students and teachers, family and friends about their experiences of milk in school.

We interviewed and videoed teachers (who were around in the 1950s and 1960s) about milk in schools when they were kids.

When we had finished the survey and interviews, we split into two groups 'Then' and 'Now'. The 'Then' group wrote about the school milk programme from 1937 to 1967. The 'Now' group wrote about The Fonterra Milk for Schools programme.

We also researched milk treatment processes and milk packaging.
Tommy and Isaiah were our photographers. They took photos of the milk distribution process at our school.
In August our school had a Technology Expo, where we presented what we had worked on so far.
At the end of Term 3 Barbara and Eric from Living Heritage came to talk to us about creating the website.
After the October school holidays we finally completed our research, and got the information ready for the website. We had a whole day off school just to work on it.
It was a lot of fun and it inspired us to think about the differences between now and then.