History of Samoa Primary School

Samoa Primary School officially started on January 23rd 2004. Seeing the school develop over the past eight years has been a joy although we did not start in Vailele Uta. At first we enjoyed the rented rooms at Sogi, by the seaside. Being a founder of the school, I remember things, even from year one or first grade. Mrs Iakopo, Mrs Leauga and Mrs Sua were our Co-Principals, and still are. Our school spent only two years at Sogi. By the time I was in Third Grade we had moved to Vailele -Uta. Our school was given five acres of land to lease from the government.

During the eight years that I have been at Samoa Primary, we have done many different cultural activities such as our Olympics concert in 2004. The Olympic concert displayed many different countries and their cultures, and this was done by different classes. In 2005 Samoa Primary School held a concert based on Samoan Legends where different classes had to perform plays according to legends of Samoa. In 2006 our school had a Library week in which the classes were read to and the younger children choose their favourite book character to dress up as. In 2007 we also had our first Market Day, it was to fundraise to get money to build a Falesamoa (a traditional Samoan house) for the children to learn about Samoan culture and during interval to rest and play in. In the same year the South Pacific Games were held in Samoa, so our school held a concert highlighting the South Pacific Games. Each class had to choose a country from the South Pacific and study their ways and their culture, and with all the information they found, they were then to use it to make up dances or even plays. There were also other enjoyable events, like in one year 2006, our school had a concert that was to celebrate Christmas. This was held at the end of the year. In this event each class had to sing different carols or to even perform plays.

When we shifted to Vailele–Uta, our school started with ten classrooms. But over the years our school has built more classrooms and we now have twenty classrooms, two toilet buildings and a canteen.

We have had lots of fun, and our school has become known as we formed the first Leo Club in Samoa. Being in Year Eight (senior class), we have the honour of being the first Leos of this club.

The Leo Club of Samoa Primary School has completed many projects. Even non-members helped with their projects, such as cleaning the beautiful Fagalii Ford near the Fagalii Golf Course and cooking beef soup. Fagalii Ford was one of our greatest achievements. The road to the Fagalii Ford is a beautiful drive and we hate to see rubbish spoiling this scenic area.

I will deeply miss this school as I set out to secondary and the many other paths I will take.


Written by: Loloma