Samoa Primary School today

Our school today has changed in some ways in order to keep up with the changing demands of the world. Over the years our school has been updating things in which the children may use and learn from. For example of course, our school has updated our computer lab established in 2010 by installing the internet for the children. The internet has been of great assistance to us with our research and studies.

Another change that we have gone through is improving our sporting skills. Every week members of the Manu Samoa team come to our school under an initiative from the Health Department, to conduct sports activities with the children. They concentrate on improving rugby and athletic skills. The children also play different sports like soccer, rugby, cricket and fish in the middle just to name some of them. Rugby, netball and soccer are mostly what the children enjoy playing. We take part in many sports tournaments and do well.

In Samoa Primary we have six academic subjects. They are Maths, Basic science, English, Social studies, computer studies and Samoan. We also have art work, music and physical education. For schools who visit us from overseas, and once we even hosted passengers from a Japanese cruise ship, the children enjoy putting on cultural performances and cooking delicious traditional food for our guests.

I'll never forget Samoa Primary as a place which has given me knowledge and skills to cope with future experiences and educational pursuits. And the great friendships I have with classmates and teachers.