LEO - Leadership Experience Opportunity

A clean, sanitized world or a polluted, dirty world?

Which would you prefer? You all might choose a clean world but would you keep it clean? The world we are in is not clean; it is filthy and polluted with plastics, trash and most of all, us. It needs people who care for their environment, think of the future, think of the next generation and put plans into action.

LEO is the answer.

What is a LEO? Leadership, Experience and Opportunity. Helpers of the community, helpers of the world. A worldwide children-teenagers organization known for aiding the community in all sorts of ways, donating to those in need and courage-blended bravery to make a change to this world.

The journey for us, Samoa Primary Leo Club started in the year 2010. A gathering in NZ of the Lions Club (an older version of the LEO) was where it all began with a chat between Lion Marie Toalepaialii and Lion Brian Grounds about trying to start the first ever Leo club in Samoa. It took a year to put this plan into action but Lion Marie was well prepared to complete the task, to find schools that are prepared to take on the role as LEO Club. Brian Grounds arrived later to find the only school in Samoa wanting to join this organization was Samoa Primary. A short explanation of the role of a Leo and what makes one was given by Brian. Excitement was the element running through the room amongst the children because many wanted to become members of this new organization.

On the 27th of June, 2011 the District Governor Michael Kemp and his wife Christine came over from NZ to officially establish the First Leo Club in Samoa. A special ceremony attended by 22 children wanting to be a Leo, parents and members of the Apia Lions Club the sponsors for the Samoa Primary Leo Club. The District Governor called the names of the children one by one and they all went up to receive their certificates and badges to show they have taken the name of a Leo.

The Samoa Primary Leo Club didn’t waste time at all, we soon started our very first project, cleaning the Fagali’i Ford where rubbish is thrown and dumped. The most beautiful river with extraordinary surrounding forest has unfortunately become a sight where lazy people in the community throw their household rubbish. The Leo Club was not alone for they had the help of the Grade 8 class who were not afraid of getting down in the water and getting wet to get the sunken rubbish. The first project was a success. Next we had to fundraise to get money for our Leo Club to help with administrative costs and assisting with community projects. A plan was made to prepare soup for the school; this got the children pumped up to do something. We were well prepared and made beef and vegetable soup that was named the best soup to have been made at Samoa Primary.

Success keeps on giving Leo club members the urge to do more. Today, our school and Samoa, tomorrow, the world! Keep a look out for the Samoa Primary Leo Club. We’re here to help the world.


Written by: Ronaldo A.J. 2011 Head Boy of Samoa Primary and President of the Samoa Primary Leo Club