My name is Bree. I am 6 years old and I am in Room 4 at Waterlea School.

I was born in New Zealand and I have been to Niue two times. My last trip was last December and I went back with my whole family for 8 weeks.

The thing I like best about Niue is the food. My favourite traditional food is uga (coconut crab).

I am in a Niuean dance group and so is my dad. My Dad's group is called Tau Fuata Niue and my group is called Koli Fia fia tau Tama. You can learn more about it if you Google us and watch our videos on You Tube.

Here are some of the photos from my last trip...

Bree's great grandfather is the late Sir Robert Rex (1909-1992) - Statesman.

Sir Robert Rex was the longest serving head of government in the Pacific and one of Niue's greatest modern leaders. He was Niue's first Premier.

The Niuean flag was designed by Sir Robert's wife Lady Patricia Tuagatagaloa Rex.

The yellow background represents the warmth of the Niuean people. The Union Jack flag represents that Niue was once protected by Britain. The four small stars represent Niue's close relationship with New Zealand. The large star inside a blue circle represents Niue self government, Niue standing on its own in the Pacific ocean.