My name is Megados. I am 8 years old and I'm in Year 4 at Waterlea School. I was born here in New Zealand but went back to Niue when I was 4 and lived there for 2 years. I lived in Tuapa.

My piece of art tells the story of my family and I going to Niue for a holiday. It shows my families aeroplane before we landed where the airport is. It also shows where we stayed. We went to my nana's house and she was doing an umu and peeling the taro for the umu. We also went to go watch my cousins feed the pigs. We feed the chickens and oga. We jumped on the tramp too.

Now when I look at a piece of artwork I think about the story it is telling. I look at the characters to see what they are feeling and why that might be. Art gives us all different information and ideas and tells us all different stories.

I brought some crafts to share. I am showing Mrs Smith some of them in the photo.