Jordan & Jazerelle

My name is Jordan and I am 8 years old. I am in Room 11 at Waterlea. My mum is Niuean and my dad is Indian. All my Niuean family live in New Zealand. One of my favourite traditional foods to eat is uga (crab). My little sister is Jazerelle.

Storytelling Through Art...

We are learning to tell a story by creating a piece of artwork.

My piece of art tells the story about my soccer game. My mum and dad watched me play. My whole team got a score and we won.

Now when I look at a piece of artwork I think about the story the artist is telling us. I look at the setting, the colours, the shapes and the characters.


My name is Jazerelle and I am Jordan's younger sister. I am 5 and my class is Room 3. I have been learning how to write a personal recount about what I have been doing. Here is one of my stories:

I am doing Zumba

In Room 3 we are learning to write a story about one of our picture books. Here is my story about the dragon.

"I have no friends" said the the dragon.