Research process

  • Interviewing children
  • information provided by families
  • resources from families

The translation for the name of our story "Nukutuluea Foou (i Niu Silani)" is Niuean Students (in New Zealand).

Translation - i "Nukutuluea" one of a number of ancient names given to the island Niue. The actual meaning of this word means "submerged land, submerged reef". This is possibly due to the belief that Niue broke away from an island group, at first moving away as a submerged island, to surf again in its present location. [ref: pg244 of "Niue Language Dictionary"]

"Foou", meaning new or modern. In this case or context, a new generation of Niueans, living in New Zealand.

"Niu Silani", in New Zealand.

Altogether, transliterated, "New generation of Niueans living/growing up in New Zealand"

Fili & Johnny Richmond - Rex