From Great Britain to New Zealand

Howdy, I’m Nancy and my family is one of the most wibbly-wobbly topsy-turvy complicated families I know, and it’s my job to tell you about how we came to be in New Zealand.

My family migration story begins with my great-great-uncle Frank. He was born in London and signed up for World War 2. He travelled all around the world with the Merchant Navy and came to New Zealand. He fell in love with the country and left the army to stay here. He contacted his family, back in England, and convinced many of them to move to New Zealand. Most of them made the move, including my Granddad, who only came in 1964.

According to my Nan, we’ve lived in New Zealand forever. I wasn’t 10,000% sure about this fact to begin with, but now I’ve come to accept that our family evolved from the Tuatara. What I am positively sure about is that my Nan met my Grandad at a Gerry and the Pacemakers concert. They were soon married and had three children including my Mum. They then moved to Taupo for my Grandad's work but most of them moved back to Wellington many years later.

My Dad was born in Yorkshire, England and moved to Waikanae with his Mum and younger brother and sisters after his parents' divorce. He spent his childhood in Waikanae and left for London when he left home. After a few years he moved back to Wellington and got a job in the film industry, where he met my Mum.

And then the universe produced a miracle and I was born!