From India to New Zealand

My name is Adrija and this is my family's migration story. My mother's side is mainly from the Bangladesh part of India and my father's side is from Behar. They met around 1992 and got married the year after.

Both my grandparents from my mother's side were born in Bangladesh. This was before Bangladesh became independent in 1947, and it was still a part of India. Some time in the 1930's or 1940's both of their families moved to Calcutta, India. They met and got married.

My mother was born in 1965 in Calcutta. She had lived there all her life. My father was born in 1962 in Behar. He grew up all over India, and settled down in Bombay. My parents met through their parents around 1992. They got married in 1993 and moved to Bombay, India.

My mother was a teacher and my father worked for Air India, so for the next five years they travelled a lot. I was born in 1998. I lived in Bombay with my parents till I was five. We moved to Wellington, New Zealand in October, 2003. My parents chose New Zealand for its beauty and its culture.

My parents and their parents were all born in India. My mother in Calcutta, and my father in Behar. They met in 1992, married the year after and moved to Bombay. After travelling for a few years, and after I was born we moved to New Zealand, in 2003.