My family migration

I have lived in Wellington since I was born.

Before I was born my family moved here because the family business was in Wellington and my parents needed to be closer to work.

My mothers’ mother, Nana was 18 in 1951 when she moved to New Zealand, she moved from Liverpool England. She moved here because she had been encouraged to come by a social worker because she had been in a children’s home after her family got separated in the 2nd World War and Liverpool was bombed. The social worker thought it would be a good life for her in New Zealand. She left England by herself and travelled alone on a ship with 991 other migrants. Many of them were families and some single people looking for employment and a better life. She arrived in New Zealand in 1 October 1951 and started her nursing training at Christchurch hospital. The 2nd World War had created a lot of hardship for everyone so many people emigrated to find a better life in New Zealand.

My grandfather Ted was born and raised in Timaru. Teds’ parents were also immigrants to New Zealand from Ireland. Ted went to work in Christchurch where he met Nana (Roni). They married a year after they met then the same year moved to Wellington.

Eventually Roni and Ted moved with their family to Masterton and my mother was born. She was the ninth child. In total, Roni and Ted had eleven children together.

My mum, Anne met my dad, Craig in Masterton and together they travelled a lot of the world, having adventures and working abroad before settling back in New Zealand to start a family.

I have one sister Ella, four years older than me and one brother Llewe, two years older than me who were both born In Masterton. My parents moved to Wellington when my brother was one. I was born a year later at home in Lyall Bay. The same suburb by the sea where we still live today.

Here is some more information about some parts of my story: