Journey from Germany to New Zealand

My family originated in Russia, but my grandfather was born and lived his first years in Germany. This is the story of how World War II brought my family across the ocean and how I came to be here today.

My grandfather, Alex was born in Berlin, Germany in August 1942. He was born into the world right in the middle of World War II. He and his family lived in Berlin until 1951, at which time he was 9 years old.

In 1951, after looking for an opportunity of a new life, they sailed across the ocean on a boat named the Goya, all the way to the shores of New Zealand. When they arrived in the country they moved to a camp in Pahiatua for new immigrants.

After spending some time at the camp in Pahiatua, the family looked for a good place to settle. Eventually, they decided to move to Fielding, where they found a house and settled down.

Ultimately, it was the war that sparked the journey over to New Zealand, and which brought my family to the country in which I now live. If they hadn’t travelled that long distance to get here, I would not be standing where I am today.

These are some links that give more information about some parts of my migration story: