Polynesian Club

Poly Club is offered here at EBIS for anyone who is interested in taking part of another culture - especially Pacific cultures. It is about coming together and performing some amazing items! Anyone can join. Every Wednesday afternoons, we have Poly practice where we are learning songs and different cultural dances. Poly Club is where we can express ourselves through song and dance.

Below are some student experiences with Poly Club this year.

I wanted to do a million things this year, especially dancing and singing. So I decided to do Poly Club, because I wanted to experience what it was like. It had lots of dancing and singing, so I carried on going and I enjoyed it because it was loads of FUN!! Poly Club was the best thing for me this year, also the Extravaganza in Term 2 - where we got to share with our families and friends what we had been learning during Poly Club practices. On the Extravaganza night, there was a big audience and when we got up onto the stage we did our best, and it felt AWESOME! My favourite item in Poly Club is the 'sasa', where you are in lines and you perform different actions sitting down while doing them to a certain beat. You have to be relaxed, calm and graceful and try to remember all the actions. I'm glad I joined the Poly Club.

- Jayda

This year as a Year 7, my Dad told me to try and get involved in as many things as I could here at EBIS. So, I signed up for Poly Club. Poly Club was a good choice for me in the end, as I enjoy both dancing and singing. When performing it can be quite frightening, but when you get up there and do your thing, its okay and you get there in the end. My favourite item in Poly Club is the 'sasa.' It's when we all (at the same time) do polynesian clapping actions, and it's heaps of fun. The Extravaganza is a big performing night when all performing groups put on a show for the EBIS students' families to watch. For the girls, polynesian actions have to be graceful and calm - that's what makes items stand out. Poly Club is very fun and I enjoyed being a part of it all.

- Kaylee