Samoan Language Class

Samoan language here at EBIS is about learning the Samoan way, and about students learning the language to build their knowledge of the Samoan culture. Here at EBIS, there are two Samoan language classes. The first class is for students who know Samoan quite well or are fluent in the language, led by Mr Leiataua. The second class is taken by Miss Pemerika where she teaches a group of students who want to learn the language and culture but may not have the knowledge to understand it, otherwise called the 'beginners' class. These classes are held every Wednesday morning, and are a great opportunity to work with other students within the school.

These are two of the many students that are involved in Samoan language classes.

Talofa Lava, this year I decided to join Samoan language because I wanted to learn more about my culture's language. You get to learn lots of things, like how to introduce yourself, count to 100, translate and say objects around the room and lots more in Samoan. Samoan language is really fun and I'm glad I made the decision to sign up for it. Tofa Soifua.

- Ioana

Every Wednesday morning is Samoan Language here at EBIS. I enjoy the Samoan language as it is my second language. I don't speak much of it myself or at home, so it is quite nice having a programme where I can learn about my culture and language while having fun practicing with other EBIS students. I still enjoy going to Samoan Language Class, and happy I've carried on with it. Fa'afetai Lava.

- Alyssa