Samoan Language Week

Samoan Language week took place in week 5 of Term 2.

EBIS students celebrated this by each day learning a new Samoan phrase. For one of of the days during Samoan Language week, we could come to school wearing something Samoan, whether it be a lei or even a ie lavalava (Samoan traditional skirt).

This year, students were excited that their culture was encouraged and acknowledged during the language week. The students learnt about the history of Samoan Language. EBIS students were happy to support it as they came to school rocking their Samoan dress.

Here are some of the Samoan phrases we learnt and practised during Samoan Language week here at EBIS.

Talofa Lava (Hello)

O a mai oe? (How are you?)

O a mai oulua? (How are you two?)

O a mai outou? (How are you? for 3+ people)

Manuia fa'afetai (Good thanks)

Manuia le aso (Have a good day)

Manuia le po (Have a good night)

Fa'afetai (Thank you)