A Traditional Game from Afghanistan

Name: Grug
Who plays: Old men
Where: Up on the roof of people’s houses
When: Winter
What you need: A gun, a target, two or more teams
Why is it played?: One of the biggest hobbies of people in winter is shooting with air bullets. This outdoor full-bore rifle shooting game is traditionally played in some rural parts of Afghanistan including Jaghori .

Men get together and play Grug and sometimes they go from one village to another or invite other people to play.
They have parties and have fun during 3 months of winter.
What do you do: It is a competition, partly designed for entertainment. The winning team of the game gets a medal.

How to play:
The firing point normally is at a defined point on the ground.
People gather and play in two or more groups and shoot a range of 100 meters.
Targets are usually made of plastic with a solid black circle.
People stand on the roof of a house.
The target is 100 metres away.
One of the teams is shooting and the other team is watching how close they get to the target. Then they swap over.
The team that hits the target the most times is the winning team.

Facts about Afghanistan

Afghanistan is in Asia and the capital city is Kabul. About 30 million people live in Afghanistan. People in Afghanistan speak Dari and Pashtu.

Afghanistan is very hot in summer and very cold in winter. It has lots of mountains and dry deserts. There are lots of rivers running through the mountains.

Many Afghanis live in the fertile valleys between the mountains, where they grow their crops and they look after animals.

Tea is the favorite Afghani drink.
Tigers used to roam the hills in Afghanistan.

In Afghanistan people fly kites in the park and on their roofs.
Kite flying is a very popular activity that children like to do.

National emblem