Learning outcomes

The learning Intention was to find out about a traditional game played by a
family member who grew up in another country.

This was an inquiry learning project, using a variety of skills.

We began by looking at some traditional games and following the instructions
of how to play.

We brainstormed questions to ask a family member to gather the information

The students shared the information they had gathered, and together they
decided whether any more questions were needed to gather extra information.

Each student explained the game to the group and how it was played. The
games that could be played at school were tried. They gave feedback to each
other as to whether their information was clear, if anything else should be
added, or explained in a better way.

The students used their prior knowledge and gathered information about their
country at the school library.

Their information was then put onto their own page on The Living Heritage

This project involved using skills from a number of curriculum areas, in
particular Social Science, English and Language and Technology, with an IT