A traditional game from Cambodia

Sey (Hacky sack)


The first time this game was played was in the 5th century BC in China. It was called Ti Jian Zi which means ‘kick shuttlecock’ in English. Over the next 1000 years this game spread throughout Asia.

What you need
It uses a shuttlecock-like footbag. It is made of feather attached to a rudder disc (base).

How to play
You can play this game in different ways.

1. You have to try and kick it and keep it going without it touching the ground for as long as you can. Every time you kick it you get a point. You try to beat your old score.

2. You can stand in a circle with a group of friends. You kick it to your friends around the circle and try not to let it touch the ground. This game can be called ‘Around the World’.

Facts about Cambodia

Cambodia is in Asia. The capital city is Phnom Penh. It is very hot in Cambodia, but there is a wind called the monsoon that brings a lot of rain for about four or five months of the year. The big rains make the crops grow.

Cambodia has thick forests with big trees that can grow up to 50 metres tall. Animals like elephants, leopards and big bears can live in the forest.

Cambodian people like to eat rice with fish and vegetables.

Cambodia has a very famous temple called Angkor Wat.

Royal Coat of Arms